Whether your a single person business or a 100 user company, our unique support agreement offers much more than a traditional maintenance agreement

The Key questions to ask are:

  • Is computer uptime crucial to the success of your organisation
  • Have you always wanted to have?
    • More reliable computer systems
    • Capped IT costs
    • Any easy to calculate budget for IT expenditure
    • An organisation that has the efficiency of your network as its priority
    • A service organisation that contacts you and keeps you informed
    • A reward for loyalty

Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) addresses all of these areas, and goes a step beyond all previous service levels with the establishment of our tailored Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Service Level Agreements.

Our SLA’s are provided to you on 4 different levels to match your service requirements and budget, each level clearly defining the work that will be performed under the SLA at no charge to you
It’s a simple concept; the SLA is not based on the number of hours of work allowed each month. There are simply a range of tasks, outcomes and regular maintenance that will be performed under the scope of the SLA.

As you move up through the levels of the SLAs, there are several key factors that improve for you:

  • The tasks and outcomes included increase
  • The maintenance checks become more frequent
  • The consultation discussion and recommendations increase in frequency
  • The phone response times improve
  • The on –site response times improve
  • The cost of additional charges decreases for any work required outside the scope of the SLA
  • The discount on printer consumables increases

In certain service levels additional items are included for free i.e. free priority response and end user training.


For customers who aren’t ready for our managed service we have “Pay As You Go” support.

This is performed on an ad-hoc basis, where you contact us when you require our services.

The service is priced at our standard rate and comes without any response service level. Our “Pay As You Go” support service can be paid for either when the work is completed or by advance purchase of service credits to call off against.

Our pay as you go support is still bound by our fixed price policy; all the services are quoted in advance so you always know "up front" the cost of the work.

We Offer IT Support to the Following Location:

And Across the UK